Sponsor Spotlight: Nox

Imagine Nox as a coffee shop with booze. Better yet, think of it as that friend’s house where, when you were a twentysomething—before you even thought the word “career”—everyone got together to hang. Informal, a cozy joint, like that friend exported his living room to a location outside of his house. Sometimes just the core of your crew; often there were new people,too—another friend to make, an acquaintance who might point you toward your next job, the friend of a friend who raised your eyebrows and prompted you to tell your host, “Introduce me, please.” Just like that, with better food & drinks.

Our menu is provides the sort of meals you might get if you hit up mom’s on Sunday, but each one with a twist—like when you were a kid, staying for dinner at a friend’s place, and you found out that his mom made casserole with a thick layer of onion crunchies on top. Our Mac & Cheese is elbows in Asiago & Oaxaca cheeses, crusted with Cheez-Its & Bacon.

Our cocktails are literally singular. An extensive process of throwing things at the wall to see what stuck, so to speak, allowed us to discover outrageously unlikely but delicious combos: the Yellow Wallpaper is quite the menagerie—Saffron Gin, Green Chartreuse, St. Germain, Fresh Lemon, Lavender & Beet Syrup, and Q Tonic (real tonic, not the high-fructose junk from a gun). The 3PO combines Johnnie Walker, Goldschläger, Frangelico, Punt e Mes Sweet Vermouth, Ginger Ale, & Alder-Smoked Salt—six ingredients that shouldn’t even be in the same sentence, much less the same glass—in such a way that is not only not abominable, but delicious.


So come on in. Chat & chill. Handcrafted cocktails, comfort food, no pretension.

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