Fresh for Mayday TODAY!

Since Mayday! Underground is one of the first shows of the season, with it comes a lot of neat, new stuff our artists have been developing over the long winter. Here’s just a peek. Stop by TODAY from 10am to 4pm at the Village Gate to catch these awesome artists as well as many more. Remember to arrive early (before 10am) if you want a free swag bag!

The Violet Line, Modern Pendant Necklaces, $32

Pure Joy Co, Whole Line Debuting at Mayday

Lucends, new designs for spring line

Sage Studios, Jellyfish Glasses, $95

KiraArts, Spring Edition Colorful Barn Owls, $15

LimeMade, Denim Cuperate Necklace

Art Snack, Fuzzy Topped Chocolate Donut

Mother’s Day Picks

Celebrate your mom! Mayday, which is this Saturday (yay!) is one week before Mother’s day, so it’s the perfect opportunity to pick up a swanky handmade gift. Here are some highlighted items perfect for gifting.


From top left to bottom right:

Prismatic Gardens, Floral Terrariums

Lilsville, Adjustable Ring, $12

Circuit Breaker Labs, Heart Circuit Board Necklace, $48

Stardust Paperworks, Spring Magnets

Vegetabowls, Cantaloupe Bowl, $24

Sage Studios, Recycled wine bottle hummingbird feeder, $35

Pure Joy Co, Rosemary Mint Massage Candle