Sunshyne Silverwear

Meet one of our local artist sponsors, Erin Gursslin, owner of Sunshyne Silverwear. Erin believes that just because you have taken a stance on being eco-friendly doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. She creates a wide range of recycled silverware jewelry to fit any taste.

Her most popular pieces are her spoon pendants. Each one is hand painted and layered with art to give a unique three dimensional look.

Nothing goes to waste, because she also uses the handles of the spoons as beautiful teardrop pendants with real locally found flowers embedded inside.

Or how about these earnings made from vintage silver plated fork tines. Elegant with an edgy side!

And this modern twist on the classic spoon ring.  Did you know that Erin will re-size any spoon ring to your specifications either at a craft show or when you order online?
Erin’s mission statement sums it all up:

“I am committed to being as green as possible. From start to finish, my pendants are made with a multitude of recycled, up-cycled and reused materials. I am devoted to making my business eco-friendly. 
The future of our planet is heavily influenced by the decisions we make today. By purchasing eco-friendly items, consumers will drive more demand for environmentally responsible products. The benefits to the planet are undeniable. Besides, what could be better than looking good and protecting the environment at the same time?”

To find out what’s new on Erin’s worktable, participate in her frequent contests and giveaways, or to get a glimpse of her personal life, follow her here: 

Facebook Fanpage 

Erin’s Blog


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At Sunshyne Silverwear, ‘green’ never came in so many colors! 

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