And now for something completely different!

Casey here.  And i don’t know about you all, but i’m getting the itch.  the craft show itch. so even though amanda is off learning stuff over in colorado, i’ve decided we should have another mayday!

that’s right, another mayday.  but this one will be different.  i have secured the decibel lounge, on Euclid street (about a block and a half from Javas, off of chestnut) for July 28th.   This space is actually used as a nightclub/lounge, so it has a very upscale, clean look to it, while still keeping some of that inudstrial old building character that we love so much.  Take a look at this!
this was taken in panoramic mode so the perspective is off, but you get the feeling.  the couches and tables can all come out, and yes, that is a stage!  the setup for this show is going to be a little different.  instead of everyone having a set “blankxblank” size space, we’ll all have an area, which we’ll have to creatively use to our best advantage.   we have space for about 20 vendors, so i anticipate a lot of competition for these spaces. you will have at least 6 feet of space frontage to work with, but if we all work together, my hope is that we can set this up like a super sweet bohemian style trunk show, where everything has a really nice flow, and maybe we can sneak a few extra smaller tables in here or there to expand the displays.  booth will be $35, setup will be 8am, show hours 10-4.  application will be live until June 23rd, and you’ll be notified June 24th whether you’re in or not.  booth fee will be due by June 30th.  We’ll be doing swag bags for this show, but only 20 instead of 50, and i’m going to have one swag drop at the lounge, so you can check it out ahead of time.  there’s a full bar and kitchen in there, bathrooms, we have electric available pretty much everywhere, and there’s wifi although the signal seems to come and go.  there’s a parking lot across the street that fits around 50 cars, as well as streetside parking on multiple streets nearby.  who wants to go nuts with me and have a mini mayday show???
apply here!

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