Sample Soap Collection

Sample Soap is a non-profit charity in Rochester, NY.

Sample Soap collects personal care items and distributes them to the neediest citizens of the Greater Rochester, New York area. They collect unopened soaps, shampoos, lotions, sewing kits, diapers, cosmetics, tooth brushes and toothpaste.

They don’t ask for money – only the toiletries you don’t want.

Sample Soap will be conducting a toiletry collection at Mayday Underground. They’ll even have a sweet bubble machine! If you bring in toiletries to donate, they’ll give you a raffle ticket for a chance at winning a “Mondo” Swag Bag, which will be filled with original art, jewelry, buttons, plush, soap, notecards, and candles from our vendors.

What’s to lose? Bring in your trial sized soaps you never used from that hotel stay or those free toothbrushes your dentist gave you and you could win a swag bag!

Sorting donations for distribution

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