Application Information

Hey! We’re one month in and there is just about one month left to apply. I just want to clear up some confusion that has been going around.

The application is not something you can download. The link you click will take you directly to a survey program where you can apply completely electronically (we do not offer any paper applications).

If you can’t get the application link to work, that is most likely because you have already applied. The survey software will only allow one response per computer. If you get to the final screen that says “Thank you for taking the survey,” we have successfully received your application!

As always, if you have specific questions, please e-mail us at rather than leaving comments on the blog.


2 thoughts on “Application Information”

    1. We only look at photos/info from people who apply. If you want to find out if you are a good fit, please look through our old vendor albums on facebook and apply based on your discretion.

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