Crafty Ways to Wear a Brooch

This is a repost from the Goodwill Blog. Of course, there are some wonderful brooches made by Mayday Vendors following the article!

Jewelry, both new and old, is in abundance at Goodwill, and with enough hunting, you can find something truly special.

Brooches have always been one of my favorite pieces, ever since I fell in love with all those colorful, bejeweled pins my great-grandma had tucked away in her jewelry box. Don’t steer clear of these seemingly outdated pieces when you spot them at Goodwill; there are more ways to wear this classic accessory than you might think!

Maybe you’re used to seeing a big brooch paired against a cardigan or a winter coat, but what makes a brooch so versatile is its simple pin-back. This little pin can attach to nearly everything, making more than just your outerwear a statement piece. Here are my top five unexpected ways to wear a vintage brooch.

  • As a Pendant on a Necklace. This is easily my favorite way to show off my collection of brooches! Attach one to a simple string of beads or a chunky chain to make your own unique pendant. The pin-back should fit right in between the beads or in between a link of the chain. Oftentimes, I’ll set it off to the side of the necklace for an asymmetrical look.
  • On a Headband. Attach a smaller brooch or pin to a cloth headband. All you’ll need in your set of headbands are a few simple solids, and then coordinate them with your outfit by what you attach to them.
  • To Decorate a Purse. I love to use brooches on purses to give them a little something extra. It’s especially fun to pair several brooches with a patterned purse, finding ones that mimic or compliment the pattern nicely. If you use more than one brooch, you can cluster them or spread them out.
  • To Finish off a Scarf. If you’re tired of looking at last year’s scarf, update it with a brooch! Place it where you tie the scarf together, or at the tip.
  • On a Hat. My rule is that if it’s an accessory, you can probably find a way to jazz it up with a brooch! Hats have made a comeback, from the knitted slouchy berets to the vintage variety. Either type would look smart with a vintage brooch along the side.

-Amanda Aileen Fisher

Mayday Artists who create brooches:

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