Application is Closed

We received almost 80 applications! Unfortunately, we won’t have room for everyone, but we’ll be announcing the second Mayday bunch near the end of September. Thanks to everyone who applied! Here’s a bit of what we saw in the applications.

6 thoughts on “Application is Closed”

    1. Artists will be notified privately by September 1, but the line-up won’t be confirmed until September 30 (and released to the public) because that is the date that booth payment is due. Some vendors don’t reply or change their minds about doing the show, so we don’t release a vendor list until it is confirmed. If you have further questions about dates etc, please consult the Vendor Info page.

  1. Kawaii ne!! I’m so excited to find out who’s going to be vending at the next show! Everything looks so wonderfully unique! The monster looks like he has chickenpox, also, which is super cute!

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